In Person Gatherings

The Board has approved the opportunities of meeting again in the building. Churches and religious organizations are now exempted from the Exec. Orders of prohibiting meetings.

 Whenever people are in the church we have some health & safety expectations that need to be communicated.  These are based on the CDC guidelines.

  1. Maintain 6 ft distance between persons
  2. The wearing of masks is optional, but not required
  3. All meetings will be in the large open areas, no classrooms
  4. Those considered “high risk” are encouraged not to come, but will not be prohibited,
  5. No meals or drinks will be served or available on sight. You are welcome to bring your own.
  6. No physical contact (no hugging, hand shaking etc. You know the drill


In addition to the above guidelines, we will be following these guidelines:

WORSHIP:  In the Sanctuary.  

  1. Sit in family/household groups
  2. Separation of 6 ft between persons/household families
  3. Staggered seating from pew to pew
  4. Use the Central, glass doors for entry to the building
  5. Use the north & south doors for exiting the building
  6. Register at Children’s Ministry desk for Children’s Connection Hour & Children’s Church.


PRAYER MEETING:  Meeting in the south wing, 6:00 pm


  1. Masks are recommended



  • Connection Hour Classes  will follow “social distancing principles & guidelines.
  • Do Not Do Extended Conversations In The Building. 


We respect your personal decisions on the matters of your health. Please, in the final decision, YOU DO WHAT IS RIGHT & COMFORTABLE for you and your family. 


Thank you for your patience & faithfulness during these past weeks and as we continue to journey into the “new normal” together.

Blessings to all

Pastor Terry