This Month… The first Sunday we will share communion.
Advent season is upon us. This year’s theme is called, Simple Christmas.  Who would have thought that these two words (simple, Christmas) could be in the same sentence.   
Simple, a concept of being without complications, without stress.  In our series we will look at the plan that God  put in place to bring about the appearance of His only begotten Son. A 25 day devotional is  available for everyone. This devotional is a daily reflection that will coincide with the weekly messages. Written by Ray Pritchard, used with permission.
The weekly message focus points for Simple Christmas are as follows:
December 1-   Preparedness
December 8-   The Waiting
December 15- Togetherness
December 22- Believe & Receive
December 24- Christmas Eve Luminary Service
Come by, be renewed the power of a Simple Christmas.